Designing and Printing the Perfect sticker

We see stickers everywhere and every day. In fact, they have become the most prominent things of our daily activity. There are multiple types of stickers everywhere, fruit stickers, wall stickers, plastic stickers and others. In case you are looking to get into designing, and create a sticker, all from the scratch;  then read some tips and suggestions to become a successful artist. Stickers are an excellent technique for marketing when done and used appropriately. The main problem lies in the point that, most people don’t know how and where to begin with! But, no more worries, we are here to guide you.

Deciding on the Shape and Size:

Well, before fixing and finalizing about anything, it’s important that you consider about these essential components for your sticker, the size of the sticker and its shape. Once you have decided the purpose of the sticker, this becomes easier. We see many stickers today, and the most common types are square and rectangle ones, which have various designs and styles. The main reason for the prevalent shape of square and rectangle is that you don’t need any special extra work, in cutting the custom designs and shaping them properly.

With little more of creativity, you can surely do inspiring stuff on your stickers, just think out of the box, and let your mind wander for designs. The another best part of stickers is that, you don't need to be limiting yourself of the space, you can work up to few inches in width and length, as most companies are providing enough space to accommodate a worthy sticker, no matter its dimensions.

Keep the stickers Colourful and Bright:

Stickers are mainly used to grab people’s attention, no matter where you place them. So to make it look more attractive, use colours that are bright enough to capture the eye attention. For example, if your using it as wall sticker, then the colour should be bright enough to reflect it on a sober wall or keep it sober only when the wall is bright (this is an extremely rare case).

If this a vehicle sticker, then you have been more careful, not to miss out a chance of being exposed. There are many chances that people miss out on seeing the sticker, due to the distance and the place the sticker might be placed (few cases it might be on the bumper). So keep it bright and let people know your talent and also the purpose. Just check out the stickers from and see how bright and colourful they are, grab some inspiration.

Keep your texts Bold:

Especially when its stickers, it’s always better and best to keep it Bold, as ‘Bold is Beautiful in every way’! Keeping the text bold highlights your sticker from all possible angles and ways, and allows the audience to get the message without much of a struggle.
Sticker’s main purpose is to give the message short and crisp, for this to be happening, you must focus on creating small typography, with boldness. Choose a font that is readable at the time being bold, even from the farthest distance. You can also increase your font size and its readability by using contrast colours for background and foreground.

Make use of signs and symbols too:

Yes, don’t keep too much of text within your sticker, make use of signs and symbols for your sticker. Choose them wisely, and give your message very short and just to the point. Use simple icons, images, or signs to say your word. You might wonder if that works! But, believe us, it creates wonders than texts.

Keep your brand intact:

It's important to give great messages and spread the word, but at the same time its very important that you keep up your brand name. it's important that you stick to your existing brand identity and adhere to the principles and business fundamentals before going about anything. In case you have a new company and the identity isn’t created, you may take this opportunity and create a branding for your and company and take measures to save it and maintain it. When you have a logo, better include them everywhere on your stickers, it helps you see