Company Identity

Stickers according to us are not just some graphics and design; they are representatives of an organisation, a business! We strive hard to create a great business for you, promote your work in every way possible. We are one of the newly started stickers designing and printing company from Sydney. Although we have started newly, a couple of years back, we are proud in sharing an accolade that we received sometime back. We are awarded as the best designers in the sticker’s category, in the region. Being a newbie in the industry, this award has boosted us to perform better and best to our capabilities and bring the best in town. Stickers sometimes represent your whole business unit, apart from being a small piece of paper with a message. So we urge you to design your stickers wisely and carefully. Being creative is always good, but trying to go overboard will ruin anything, as we hear the say, “Anything in excess is always bad”.

We offer a variety of types of stickers, with all innovation bundled up. We want our customers to create a unique identity for self, by standing out in the crowd. We have stickers of all types, ranging from edible stickers to vinyl ones, and much more. We have different printing packages, according to the type of sticker base chosen. This small piece, or even a big print, gives an opportunity for your business to grow further. We never believe in copying someone else’s talent and that against our company norms and industry standards. All the designs and graphics created here are unique and completely created from scratch with the innovative ideas of our designers and creative artists. We are working on taking a patent to our designs, though not all, of the major ones, that are given to bigger clients. We hope we will be successful at it. If you need to contact us for work, leave your mail id and a reason as to why you need us, we shall get in touch with you.